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50 Glamorous Stacked Bob Hairstyles

The stacked bob has been trending as one in every of the most well liked hairstyles for years now. It’s a feisty, daring and fearless haircut for ladies who by no means shy away from expressing themselves. In addition, it’s a versatile hairstyle, with adaptations for all face shapes, personalities and events. Frankly, we couldn’t applaud it extra for creativity, courage and charm multi functional. If you’re in search of a dramatic and unforgettable makeover, see what options you could have on our listing.

1. Long Stacked Bob
The long bob is clearly some of the endeared approaches for this haircut category. Dubbed as the “lob”, this hairstyle could be trimmed in a stacked fashion in the again for plenty of extra quantity. As for the entrance, go so long as you’d like.

2. Feathered Bob
Whether you’ve got skinny hair otherwise you just need an all-around dynamic look, a feathered stacked bob ought to definitely be in your shortlist. This tasteful haircut is particularly really useful for ladies over forty who need to get pleasure from a youthful vibe.

3. Stacked Layered Bob
In most conditions, you’ll find a stacked bob haircut with greater than enough layers all around. Naturally, layers are used for the stacking effect within the back, however additionally, you will discover them sprinkled all through the entrance components of the hairstyle.

4. Wavy Layered Bob
In case your hair is of course wavy, you can rely on this stacked haircut for getting the look you desire. Not solely do stacked bobs look great with wavy locks, but additionally, you will take pleasure in a dreamy look with low upkeep.

5. Quick Stacked Bob
Dare to go brief You may make your bob almost razor cut at your nape. Any such stacked haircut is perfect for those sizzling summer days that depart you faint. By uncovering the again of your neck, you won’t get as heated within the merciless sun.

6. Bob for teenagers
We really discover this voluminous bob excellent for children. Regardless in case your daughter is a toddler or a pre-teen, you can depend on this stacked haircut to deliver out the most effective in their private fashion. Additionally, it helps keep their hair out of their face.

7. Undercut Bob Hairstyle
Want to add a bit more edge to your bob Think about going wild with an undercut. Now, while most undercuts could seem like a extremely courageous step, you possibly can tone yours down like on this photograph. In fact, you’ll be able to opt for a steep undercut if you’re all about that rebellion.

8. Blonde Stacked Bob Haircuts
Arguably the most typical stacked bob is present in blonde. If you’re truthful-skinned, you’ll be able to easily select this hair shade to complement your new haircut. As well as, you may explore any tone from the blonde palette, from platinum to dirty blonde and more.

9. Brief Inverted Bob Haircuts
If you’re not up for sporting a solid coloration along with your bob, don’t hesitate to experiment with multiple tones. As an example, a skillful set of highlights can convey your total hairstyle to life. You can even use various shades from your highlights for a sun-kissed appearance.

10. Very Long Bob
Love going to extremes Specific that by your hairstyle! On this regard, you will get a dramatic long bob with a stacked back. As you’ll be able to see on this picture, the angle is steep and the entrance is lusciously lengthy.

11. Quick Stacked Bob with Bangs
Bangs are a beloved element for girls with stacked bobs world wide. As you’ll soon discover out, you even have multiple options for bangs to go with your flirty haircut. We’ll begin with these layered facet bangs.

12. Edgy Bob
Making your bob edgier is straightforward as pie. The true secret to getting that much-desired edge is… layers. Trimming your locks in different lengths results in a choppy, messy and mesmerizing haircut that may make it easier to depart a killer impression each time.

13. Balayage Bob Hairstyle
What for those who need a only a pinch of color without going over the top Balayage is your good friend, my expensive. Via this delicate coloring approach, you may take pleasure in simply enough undertones to make your bob hairstyle shine with natural magnificence.

14. Bridal Stacked Bob Hairstyles
If you have a stacked bob and you’re additionally a bride to be, you’re in for a deal with. Styling your freshly lower locks for the large day will probably be a piece of cake, thanks to the beautiful shape supplied by the haircut. For a dynamic strategy, simply curl your strands.

15. Ombre Bob
A courageous different for ladies who need more shade of their bob is ombre. Whereas ombre hairstyles can embrace natural colours, we recommend that you explore more intense choices too. Take this icy blue shade, for example.

16. Shaggy Bob
One other messy hairstyle you’ll be able to look into is the shaggy bob. This stacked haircut stands out by means of effortless type, due to the extra layering and tousled styling. Although it might come as a shock to some, the outcomes are completely chic.

17. Stacked Bob Advantageous Hair
Dwelling with high-quality hair could also be a challenge for some, but there’s nothing that a masterful haircut can’t solve. For example, you’ll be able to increase your quantity and create the illusion of a thicker texture with a layered, angled bob and choppy bangs.

18. Stacked Haircut for Round Face
In case you have a spherical face form, we warmly recommend asymmetry in your hairstyle. In other phrases, your stacked bob might be slightly shorter on one side to border your face in a flattering method. Aspect bangs are additionally a pleasant touch.

19. Brief Stacked Bob Haircuts for Thick Hair
On the flip facet, ladies with thick hair even have their justifiable share of difficulty, especially with quick haircuts. To make the most of your hair texture, consider using this photograph for example for the form it’s best to strive.

20. Bob Hairstyle for Coronary heart Shaped Face
Women with faces in the form of hearts can use this photograph for inspiration. The hair is minimize in a discretely inverted manner, just enough to outline the jawbone and complement the rest of the features.

21. Steep Stacks
When you are likely to act outside of the box, you possibly can go for a extremely steep stacked haircut. The shape of your hairstyle will definitely draw attention, and we mean that in a optimistic method. Do this strategy for those who love going against the grain.

22. Tremendous Brief Stacked Bob
For a boyish yet sexy take on a stacked bob, you can play around with this different. Indeed, it is visibly shorter than most other choices on our record, but it’s no much less marvelous. Moreover, it has a surprisingly feminine touch in the long run.

23. Lengthy Stacked Bob with Bangs
Bangs significantly contribute to the irresistible shape of your bob. If you happen to opt for an extended, angled bob with a stacked again, it is best to consider full, frontal bangs to match. They complement the rest of the hairstyle and your options.

24. Bob with Afro Curls
In case you love volume more than anything and have afro-textured curls, we’ve got discovered the hairstyle for you. A stacked haircut will push your corkscrew coils even more, offering a jaw-dropping shape that may make heads flip.

25. Daring Colours Bob
Is daring a definitive trait for you Aside from your daring haircut, you may take your complete hairstyle to the subsequent stage with equally intense coloring. You may mix any vivid colors, however here’s an instance of silver white and shiny lavender.

26. Brief Stacked Bob Haircuts with Blunt Bangs
Does your bohemian soul long for a representative haircut Bring out your artsy side with some blunt bangs to go together with your stacked bob. This dreamy haircut will have you ever channeling your inside hipster in no time.

27. Bicolor Inverted Stacked Bob
You possibly can accentuate the stacked part of your bob even more by exploring contrasts. In other words, define the again part of the hairstyle with a dark underneath shade, leaving a lighter shade on top. On this note, platinum and darkish brown work well together.

28. Tousled Bob
Regardless in case you have wavy or curly hair, a tousled bob is a must for outlining your dynamic hair texture. Though the tousled side is fairly related to the styling, make sure that the bob is created with layers, to start with.

29. Choppy Bob with Lowlights
Other than highlights, lowlights or subtle streaks can have a massive impact in your hairstyle. When you have dark hair, for instance, you’ll be able to add a sprint of deep auburn to spice up your look. It’ll function the perfect ending touch.

30. Curly Stacked Bob
We’ll return to curly ladies for this one, with a excellent instance of a subtly stacked bob on pure curls. Because of your already permissive hair texture, you’ll have a picture-perfect hairstyle with almost no effort on a daily basis.

31. Long Bob with Unfastened Curls
Nonetheless, ladies who weren’t blessed with naturally curly hair may also get an analogous impact for their stacked bob. All it’s important to do is loosely curl a couple of thick strands to get that beach wave impact. It’s a candy and fast styling tip when prepping for fancy events on short notice.

32. Medium Stacked Bob
Not the one for extremes It’s no problem; you may go for a medium bob any day. We recommend this hairstyle for ladies who favor steadiness in opposition to flashiness. Also, it’s superb for ladies who are afraid of going too short with their bob.

33. Braided Bob Hairstyle
Shocking as it could seem, you’ll be able to indeed model your bob in quite a few methods. Leaving the classic pinned kinds aside, you possibly can create a braided or twisted headband. In fact, you may mix both for a boho hairstyle.

34. Stacked Inverted Bob with Highlights
That is yet another example that proves you cannot go fallacious with highlights and bobs. The coloring approach and haircut are a match made in heaven, complementing the other flawlessly. Pick your favorite coloration and get your glow on!

35. Ginger Crimson Bob
Regardless of if you’re a pure ginger or you love dying your hair copper, this is how your bob would look in this colour. The result is a terrific blend between edgy and natural, cute and sexy, and appropriate yet daring.

36. Hot Pink Bob
We couldn’t neglect our rebellious gals in this record. In case you are defined by a free spirit and thoughts, you may go above and beyond with a placing color. A tone of hot pink, like in this example, works astoundingly with choppy bobs.

37. Messy Stacked A Line Bob
To proceed our idea of fearless bobs, don’t hesitate to try this alternative if you’re a wild woman. The haircut is choppy all around, and the blunt layers are accentuated by messy styling. We additionally love the colour play on this one.

38. Excessive Stacked Bob
Among layered hairstyles, high stacked bobs are a favorite among ladies in search of a quantity push. With these haircuts, the angle is extremely steep, creating an intriguing visible affect. Be certain that you place a while into styling to get the results you need.

39. Pastel Bob
We are genuinely impressed with the coloration melt in this hairstyle. In addition to the choppy layering of the bob, the hairdo comes to life by means of a metallic and pastel balayage. Purple, silver and blue are harmoniously blended for this spectacular outcome.

40. Brunette Stacked Angled Bob
Though we regularly discover stacked bobs in shades of blonde, they give the impression of being outstanding on raven locks. Regardless if you’re a natural brunette or you could have freshly colored, jet black hair, you may count on a stacked bob to flatter the shade.

41. Stacked Hairstyle with Undertones
While this type comes pretty close to the bicolor example from #27, it shines through subtlety. Despite the fact that two contrasting colors are used for the coloring job, they are combined in a smoother manner than within the aforementioned instance.

42. Movie star Stacked Swing Bob
Relating to stacked haircuts, we can clearly pinpoint Victoria Beckham as a top source of celeb inspiration. Former Posh Spice has been rocking this hairstyle for a few years now, and brilliantly so.

43. Darkish Rainbow Bob
If you’re caught between the want of mixing an abundance of colors in your hair and keeping things darkish, here is the concept you need. It really combines both details, using deep rainbow highlights on a black stacked bob base.

44. Stacked Chin Length Bob
For a classy and polished hairstyle, we recommend that you go chin-size with your bob. It’s not too lengthy, not too short, too casual or too extravagant. In other words, it’s an enchanting hairstyle that impresses every time.

45. Bob with Lengthy Side Bangs
Another tip for further quantity is to incorporate long facet bangs into your stacked hairstyle. You should keep the bangs the same length as the rest of your hair to get that spherical effect. After that, get pleasure from your bouncy locks!

46. Long Pixie Bob
We chose this hairstyle for the transition from one haircut to another. To put it otherwise, it’s a gorgeous form for women who’re growing a pixie haircut into a bob. The strands tucked behind one ear are an exquisite detail.

47. Choppy Stacked Bob Haircuts
Chop your way to the bob of your goals, utilizing this photo as inspiration. It’s yet another boho approach for this stacked haircut, with plenty of perspective and confidence to go along with it. Don’t shy away from teasing your hair after you get it reduce this manner.

48. Asymmetrical Stacked Bob
Remember what we stated about asymmetrical bobs This photo undoubtedly proves our point, especially for ladies who need a shorter stacked bob. We’re additionally digging the platinum white hair coloration for the funky look.

49. Splash of Color Bob
Torn between brilliant colors and earth tones You may get rid of any hesitation through the use of just a little bit of colour in a selected place in your hair. For example, you can keep your base black and get one or two frontal streaks in purple.

50. Tremendous Curly Bob
Our last stunning bob is one that glows with outnumbered curls. We included it for our extra curly readers fascinated with a short hair makeover. As you can see, the abrupt angle makes the hairstyle even more memorable.

Brazilian Virgin Hair Kinky Straight 4x4 Free Part Lace Top Closures 8-20 Inch Natural BlackIn conclusion, a stacked bob is an distinctive selection for ladies who want to combine classy and edgy. Bobs are extremely trendy now, and the stacked various has all of the sugar, spice and the whole lot bohemian remy hair good you would want in a showy haircut. You may get yours in a sleek and clean-reduce version, or go all out with vivid colours to match the model. Which one would you get, and why Share your ideas with our group of fabulous hair-lovers under!