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Tape Hair Extensions

Tape hair extensions are the new extension craze now on the market with so many ladies displaying curiosity in this type of hair extension application which very totally different to fusion hair extensions, clip in hair extensions and micro ring hair extension just to mention a couple of.

100s 1g/s Straight Micro Loop Hair Extensions #1 Jet BlackOne in every of the reason why this product is sort of producing buzz dark brown to brown hair with ladies is the simple approach it can be applied to ones pure hair with the taught that just cello taping it to their pure hair makes it quicker for them to get an extension fixed instead of getting to attend endlessly to have it completed.

Though the excitement is there, it is vital to analyze what ladies stand to gain or lose through the use of tape hair extensions. In attaching this to the pure hair, a parting is made through dark brown to brown hair the hair and the back tape masking the sticking part is eliminated and positioned underneath the natural hair where the parting is made, although this extension is placed sparingly to ensure that it to remain in place.

After inserting it , it’s advised that the end of a tail comb is used to smoothen the tape extension with the natural hair after this you want to select one other piece of tape extension that might be positioned on high of the previous one so that your hair might be in between this extensions. It’s advised that you don’t wash your hair for three days so as to permit the taped hair set in place.

Tape Hair Extensions Samples
I don’t see any advantages that this product presents to those who intend utilizing it because when your natural hair is sandwiched between two tapes the tendencies of having hair breakage when removing the tape extension is excessive, the hazard it additionally presents to your pure hair is enormous as a result of you aren’t able to clean your hair and deal with it adequately since you don’t want to break the tape that holds the hair extension in place.

The tape hair extensions elimination should be carried out with care or by knowledgeable hair salon else you will be removing your natural hair with this extension and it would start to affect the expansion of your natural hair and it won’t develop back to the length it was earlier than. My recommendation for ladies is to avoid the sort of hair extension to prevent any natural hair harm that might result hair spot baldness.

My opinion on this is that as an alternative of going for an extension that has the high propensity to break your hair while not choose a clip in hair extension that is easy to clip to your natural hair and in addition simple to remove. With the clip in you don’t need to wear an extension all day or week lengthy.