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What Sleeping In Braids To Create Overnight Waves Did To 12 Different People’s Hair

In the world of beauty, there are few things universally agreed upon. That being mentioned, I’ve by no means heard anybody want their hair care routine was longer and extra sophisticated than what they’re already doing. Sleeping in braids to wake up with wavy hair is arguably the most common hack for an ~effortless~ ‘do: Pinterest is littered with highly convincing before images of bloggers in pigtails, followed by an after of huge, bouncy waves; tutorials rave about this heat-free way to get tousled curls while you peacefully get your beauty sleep.

This is, in fact, a hack I use fairly commonly, to assist give some definition to my own strands — and it works great. But my natural hair texture is very similar to the hair I see in all the aforementioned before and after photographs — high quality, medium density, with just a little bit bit of a wave — so I began to wonder if this supposedly universal trick really was something that every individual with medium-to-long hair may additionally add to their weekly routine. With the help of some fellow Bustle staffers, we put the experiment to the check.

Each girl was first photographed malaysian hair weave styles after they’d let their hair air dry with minimal product and no heat styling, to show off their hair’s natural texture. Then, their hair was braided and so they wore the plaits until the following morning, after they had been photographed again with the outcomes of their wavy adventures. Here is how the entire experiment went down.

Danielle C.
Danielle’s hair is naturally super straight. “I’ve tried to curl it and it just falls in 30 seconds,” she tells me. Danielle has tried this braid hack before, however it was “a disaster.” Her hair ended up with weird, limp bends, reasonably than the massive, bouncy waves she was on the lookout for.

In Braids:
“Oh my,” Danielle says when we take her braids out. “It appears like I permed it and then jumped in the pool. I’m positively putting my hair up after this.”

Danielle CT.
Our second Danielle has barely extra pure wave, however she nonetheless started off skeptical that the experiment would work well with her texture.

“Oh, this is actually loads better than I thought it was gonna look!” Danielle exclaims after we remove her braids. “It’s kinda flat on high, but I believe that works.”

Allison notes that her sister and father have super curly hair, but hers is pretty much stick straight. She does not know how one can French braid, so was excited to do that hack for the primary time.

Allison was elated with the outcomes. “I’ve by no means had curly hair like this before!” she says, adding that she wishes she’d known about this hack when she was getting ready for prom back in high school. “And i finally appear like my dad!” she exclaims.

Rosanne’s hair is tremendous straight, plus she has numerous it — which may weigh any curls down. “I’ve achieved this earlier than and it came out wanting super crunchy,” she tells me.

General, Rosanne is usually happy along with her remaining type. “It seems to be good besides the ends,” she says — a common complaint about this specific hack.

MJ’s hair is already fairly curly, so she was simply hoping the braids would add some definition to her pure texture.

The braids ended up flattening MJ’s hair a bit, although the curls had been smoother. “I seem like I am sporting a wig,” she tells me. “It’s good, but definitely looks like I’m sporting a wig.”

Kelsey’s hair is tremendous straight and shiny, so it tends to slide out of any curlier types.

Kelsey notes that the braids began to make her head harm later within the night, however she powered via for the good of the experiment. Similar to Allison, she’d never seen her hair with a lot curl. “Oh my god, my hair has neeeeever seemed like this,” she says. “It is at all times so straight!”

Caroline’s hair naturally seems so much just like the “after” pictures for this hack, so she was genuinely curious to see what sleeping on braids would do malaysian hair weave styles for her.

Caroline’s favorite part of this hack “It was so nice to wake up and not have to do my hair,” she says. “And it’s approach less crazy than I assumed it can be!”

Hannah loves her pure curls, so was a bit cautious of messing with their pattern a lot. “In my experience, my natural curls look best on me,” she says.

“EWWW!!! I hate it!” Hannah yelled, the moment we took out her hair. Although the braids didn’t change her texture too dramatically, they did manage to offer her haircut more of a triangular shape. “My complete youth was triangle hair!” she exclaims, laughing. “I am gonna put it in a bun. We’re carried out with this.”

Out of all the straight-haired women who participated, Sarah’s hair was the straightest. She’s tried this hack before, however says it does not normally work.

Sarah’s waves regarded the least like everybody else’s: They had been more uneven, but gave off a cool, beachy vibe. After the shoot, she happily took a selfie!

Out of all the people in the experiment, Katie was essentially the most skilled with this hack: She used to do it all the time as a kid to forestall what her mother would name a rat’s nest.

“It.. would not look any different,” Katie says, shrugging. This truly didn’t do a thing to her texture.


Liana’s hair is half straight, half wavy, so she had high hopes for the final texture.

Liana was in all probability the largest fan of the ultimate end result: “It’s not that fair off from my natural texture,” she muses. “It just form of defined my curls. I should do this all the time!”

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Does this hack create bouncy, silky, even waves for everybody In fact not, nevertheless it appears to be a universally viable method to add just a little more outlined curl to your pure texture. Plus, you will not must do your hair within the morning, which is all the time a win.