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The Ombre D

We have now all been there where we feel like our face looks blah or drab. Have you ever wondered that your hair color can be a contributor to that Well it is true! There are some hair colors that just don’t look good on certain skin tones which can make people look really yellow, red or blue. Well haven’t any fear ladies, I am here to help you all understand your skin undertones and what hair coloration compliments to make you appear and feel your finest!

So, why should this be essential to you
Well, your skin will look radiant, your eyes will appear brighter and clearer and people gives you compliments “You look great!”

In case you have the incorrect colors your hair will just enhance the undertone in your skin, your pores and skin will look drained and even your hair will look drab and boring. You will hear comments like “You look tired, are you ok ” Well nobody likes this remark, particularly if you remy hair extensions clip aren’t drained and also you spent plenty of time to get prepared! Am I right ! Lets move on…

What is an undertone Skin undertones are the colors that lie beneath the skin. Undertones are the coloration that are cast like a shadow beneath your skin color. The shadow has a distinct color that never modifications. While the tone of your skin color can change very easily, your undertone never changes.

There are a few varieties of pores and skin undertones however I’m going to just categorize them into four teams.
1. Yellow/golden. Warm
2. Pink/blue/. COOL
3. Neutral with hints of some or one of these undertones. Neutral

A tip to see which type of undertone you have got. Look at the veins on the inside of your elbow. If they give the impression of being green you could have warm undertones. If they appear blue you might have cool undertones. This additionally helps you resolve on what sort of basis you can choose for your skin tone.

Try deep, rich golden tones for the base and a chestnut, crimson, cinnamon or copper highlight. FYI I bought some of this remy hair extensions clip data from a video that I posted on my fb web page notif_t=like

Use intense shades of brown, purple or blonde to your base color and then highlight with honey, taupe or ash colors to contrast the base.

!!!! Ruddy complexions beware!!! Ruddy is noticeable crimson colors on the pores and skin. Stay away from reds and platinum blonde. Purple will deliver the purple in your skin to the forefront and platinum will just look harsh. Slight red tones can be corrected with a make-up primer or concealer with a green tint.

If you are a neutral consider your self fortunate! You may pull off the majority of hair colors. You will usually have a warm or cool undertone but not enough to contrast with hair colour.