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They’ve Been In There So Long

Straights aren’t cool, however you’ve acquired to give them credit for trying. They are prepared to do no matter it takes to slot in and to persuade the world that they’re effectively adjusted individuals, just so long as no one accuses them of flaunting their damned individuality. They want to be kind of hip, but not short cuts with weave well, too hip, you dig The greatest insult for them is to be referred to as “different.” That label could put someone in danger of becoming one of the hated “weirdos.” They are truly all a bunch of square pegs in square holes.

They do not ever assume outside the box. They’ve been in there so long, all their thoughts are sq. They be real cubes, if you already know what I mean, man. The world they live in is like, flat and boring. Excitement for them, is going to get their hair minimize, or perhaps even a evening out on the bowling alley. They are virtually at all times in a gaggle, as a result of it isn’t thought of normal to be a “loner.” Politically conservative, their leaders are those who can prove they are the most regular of the conventional. They wait to chuckle at jokes till the leader of their group provides the all clear, by being the first one to giggle. Their jokes are always at the expense of someone whom they consider to be a “weirdo.”

They always take the road more traveled, listening to high forty music on the radio and going 5 mph beneath the speed limit. When they come to a broken site visitors gentle, they may wait a long time, or at least till they’re fairly sure nobody is trying. They’re excessively regulation abiding and if, for any cause they do break a legislation, they all the time feel very responsible about it. They even feel responsible when they’re obeying the law. just because that’s the best way they are. They’ve never rebelled towards their dad and mom and look down on anyone who does not have a “normal” household life.

100s 1g/s short cuts with weave Body Wavy Micro Loop Hair Extensions #2 Darkest BrownThey’ve got IQs very close to 100. They make enjoyable of anyone if theirs is too low or too excessive. The smarter ones discover ways to play dumb, and the dumber ones try to sound good, nevertheless it normally would not work. Eventually, someone always figures out there’s a freaking weirdo of their ranks. Then, like angry wolves, they rip him to shreds.