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Curls That Beat The Summer season Humidity

Not only coping with easy methods to costume for the weather, but in addition how you can do my hair has been difficult. It is no secret that I like wearing my hair curly, as you have in all probability observed by now with my weekly outfit posts. However I’ve realized that what used to work for my hair on the low-humidity west coast now not works out right here.

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Luckily, with some experimenting, I’ve lastly discovered what does work, so I assumed I might post about it, in case anyone else out there may be struggling with keeping your hair curly in humidity!

The secret Hot rollers and costly hairspray. You are welcome.
What That wasn’t enough of a proof 😉

Ok, well, to understand where I am coming from, concerning my hair, this old hair curling tutorial is perhaps useful, the place I detailed my approach for using a curling iron (#1 tip, begin at the top of your hair and twirl the hair across the iron right down to the bottom. #2 tip, shelling out for a costlier, skilled curling iron makes all the distinction on the planet.).

Drawback is, that previous curling iron method has solely been working for me here on the east coast when I don’t should go outdoors, even when utilizing much more hairspray than standard. I’ve literally gone to BBQs and advised folks, “Effectively, my hair was curly this morning..” It has been actually irritating.

So I determined to start out experimenting with sizzling rollers. In spite of everything, they take much less time to place in than standing there with my curling iron, and your hair is exposed to heat lots longer, which in principle ought to offer you higher, longer lasting curls.

I had solely restricted success with my about 10 year previous rollers although. They have been just a typical low cost set from Target although, that took endlessly to heat up, and didn’t actually ever get that sizzling.

(An instance of my not-so-curly curls with the outdated scorching rollers)
I knew I needed one thing better, and pro heating merchandise have all the time worked greatest for me prior to now, so I invested in a brand new set of rollers from Sally Beauty Provide. Armed with these new rollers, and my dearer hair merchandise (that I used to avoid wasting just for special occasions, however now they’re getting used on a regular basis), I had much better outcomes.

(A shot of my vanity desk in my stroll in closet bedroom. Our counters in our bathrooms are a lot too small to hold all of my junk, so I am arrange on a drawer unit within the bedroom. Three of the four styling products I use are in the red field: Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Anti-Humidity Aerosol Hairspray, which was once my most important hairspray, but now I solely use on my bangs, Tigi Catwalk Quantity Assortment Your Highness Root Enhance Spray, and Tigi Biggie Maxxed Out Large Hold Hairspray, which I used to only use sometimes, since it is about 3x as expensive because the Fructis hairspray, but it is undoubtedly price the price in this humid local weather. Not pictured is my Garnier Fructis Curl Assemble Mousse.)

(My new Scorching Shot Instruments Hairsetter rollers on my vanity side desk. I picked these, relatively costly, rollers 1) as a result of Helen of Troy is one in all my two favourite pro heat styling brands (the opposite is Gold ‘n Scorching), 2) it was one among two rollers beneath the “skilled” stage of rollers on the Sally website, and 3) it was certainly one of the only roller sets I found that didn’t have the super tiny rollers, which are way too thin for my long hair. This set I acquired short hair fashions only has two sizes of rollers, which was a giant plus for me.)

(Right here is a more in-depth look on the heating parts of the rollers)
(And another big plus with these is the roller clips have metallic strips on the inside, so your hair gets headed on the inside from the roller, and the outside from the clips themselves. I’d by no means seen this characteristic before, and i like it. Also, I am not sponsored or anything by Helen of Troy, I just really like these scorching rollers. Simply thought I might put that on the market!)

Now, for the curling which I’m going to interrupt down into two different types, since I have been using two totally different techniques with the rollers.

First up, commonplace curls, i.e. hair that is more curly at the bottom.
Spray the root boost on your roots close to your half, and apply some curl assemble mousse to just the ends of your hair (if you happen to do the mousse throughout, it makes your hair crunchy, so I only do the guidelines for extra curling power there). Blow dry your hair straight.

Grab sections of your hair about this huge..
And roll up from the guidelines of your hair, clipping the rollers into place.

For the top layer of you hair, I find the rollers stay in higher when they’re in the horizontal position. But for the layers underneath, I like to roll the curlers away from my face, and clip them into place in a vertical position. Also, I like to make use of the smaller of the 2 sizes of rollers round my face, saving the larger ones for the back half of my head. And i save two of the smaller ones for the very bottom layer of my hair, since it’s a bit of more coarse and harder to curl.

So, this is a fairly standard approach of using hot rollers. Nothing too groundbreaking or unique, other than possibly the products I exploit. Anyway. It usually takes me about 5 minutes to put the rollers in, after which I am going make espresso, eat breakfast and do my make-up, and come back about 20-30 minutes later to take them out. Half-hour is more time elapsed than it would usually take me to curl my hair with a curling iron (common was about 20 minutes), however I still feel like 5 minutes to put them in, after which time to do all the things else is lots better use of my time than holding the curling iron for 20 minutes and then still having to do my makeup afterwards.

After i take out the rollers, I’m careful to unroll the curls neatly and away from my face.
Here they’re, fresh out of the rollers. I wish to now let my hair cool for a couple of minutes, so the curls are fully set, so I am going and iron my clothes for the day and get dressed.

As soon as I’ve given the curls a couple of minutes to cool, I finger comb them out just a little, and spray them with the Biggie Maxxed Out hairspray. I really like this hairspray, regardless that it is on the expensive facet. Not solely does the usage of scorching rollers make my hair really feel rather a lot softer than a curling iron, this pump hairspray holds way better than aerosol in humidity, and is lots less crunchy.

The final results of my normal curls with rollers: plenty of curl that lasts even outdoors in North Carolina!

So, that is how I get my standard curls. However I have been experimenting with another sizzling roller method, bouncy waves, i.e. curls/waves that begin higher up your strands of hair.

Normally, I’d start the same way, with root enhance and curl construct mousse before blow drying. Though for the needs of these footage, I simply brushed out day-old curls to start.

So here is where the tough part comes in. To get waves that start up higher with scorching rollers, it’s important to grab your strand of hair about 1/3rd of the best way down from the roots, hold the roller there, and use your other hand to wrap the strand of hair across the roller all the way in which all the way down to the guidelines. Then you definately roll it up the highest 1/third to your head and clip into place. Mainly, what this does is expose extra heat to the hair in the course of your strands of hair, as an alternative of like in the standard curls method where you roll from the bottom, which concentrates the heat exposure on the tips. So that you get curls that begin higher up, and look extra like waves.

Here is a photograph of me mid-wrap utilizing this technique.
And to make it much more clear, this is a gif, since I do know a lot of people can’t watch videos at work (don’t deny it, I know everyone reads blogs at work 😉 !)

With this bouncy wavy technique, I still roll my hair away from my face, and in addition depart them in for 20-30 minutes. And i nonetheless rigorously unroll my hair, away from my face, however now you may see that the curls start lots higher than with the standard curl approach.

A lot bouncier than the final version, look how short my hair is, fresh out of the rollers. And the curlier you begin with, the longer your curl goes to final total.

I let my hair cool fully here too, before gently finger combing it (again, this is admittedly important, if you happen to brush your curls out when they’re still warm, they won’t hold as properly).

But with the waves I like to spritz my hair with the Maxxed Out spray..
After which “scrunch” my hair up. This helps the hairspray hold the waves even higher.

It’s also really necessary, with any hot curling technique, to spray the bottom layer of your hair. The bottom layer is next to your physique, getting hot all day, so the curls naturally don’t want to hold as effectively, and extra spraying helps rather a lot.

And finished! Bouncy waves, with about 10 minutes of actual work (5 minutes to put the rollers in, about 3 minutes to take them out, and a couple of minutes to finger comb, spray and scrunch).

So there you go. My tips on how I have been getting my curly hair to last within the heat and humidity of the east coast!

And in case you are curious, after sleeping on my wavy hair, it is still pretty much good to go the following day (I can only wash my hair every different day, or it will get dried out). I just gently finger comb it with a small quantity of Pureology Shine and Control DryShine Styler, to tame the flyaways and frizz, for a extra relaxed wavy look.