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Taliah Waajid’s Natural Hair Care Q & A

Hey everyone! I’m back again! This week, we’re going to discuss easy methods to transition from chemically processed to natural hair, a process that may be very lengthy and sometimes difficult to endure without motivation, some professional advice and the proper hair care products.

Normally, this course of takes about 18 months to be thoroughly accomplished. This timeframe is usually for people who’ve not too long ago had a chemical treatment carried out. For others, the time may be shorter or maybe longer, depending on a number of factors comparable to: type and texture of hair, how broken the hair is from the chemical remedies, and most importantly..how a lot effort and time you place into consistently maintaining your hair during the transition.

If you are transitioning or a minimum of plan to, ensure that you simply observe(ed) these steps:
1) Cease the chemical remedies,

2) ASSESS the injury done to your hair, if any (most definitely, there will probably be some.),
3) Select healthier products to make use of to your hair. A lot of the merchandise on the shelves as we speak are made to maintain chemically processed hair. I do suggest utilizing Black Earth Merchandise during this transition as a result of pure elements inside of the merchandise and since they are made partly for this reason(transitioning the hair),

4) MONITOR & MAINTAIN your hair. When you have a regular stylist that you just go to, make certain to tell him/her what you might be doing. They should know with the intention to know how to handle your hair throughout the process. If you don’t have a stylist, you’ll be able to nonetheless do it your self. You’ll want to make sure that you trim it, try and wash,blowdry and condition your hair every 2 weeks, and keep “feeding” it (“feed” your hair with products such as the Strengthener from the Black Earth Product line.) Also be sure to comb your hair and detangle it everyday.

**TALIAH RECOMMENDS: Retaining your hair in braids during the process. Braids help the hair grow faster which is why many people who find themselves transitioning choose to put on braided styles whereas going natural. Now, for those of you who think cornrows and individuals is the one braided selection, you are flawed. You may wear those PLUS tree braids, a sew-in weave, etc. Just about something will do the job. **

When my daughter tranisitoned back to natural (after less than a 12 months of having chemically processed hair), her hair grew again in a matter of months. She constantly used the Black Earth Product line for shampooing, conditioning and daily moisturizing. She did put on ALOT of weaves all through the method and made positive to clean her hair every 3 weeks if not 2(what is beneficial). 😀 However, she didn’t trim her hair which made it a bit difficult so I did it for her and within lower than a week, her hair appeared Wonderful!! I will most likely publish some before and after pics so that everyone can see what I mean exactly. However, like I stated, despite your doubts and every part, do not be scared! You’ve got TONS of choices! If you’re not sure, please message me and I am going to help.

Well people, that is it for this week! When you’ve got any questions and/or feedback, please let me know!